Planning is political.

Our expertise in the ‘politics of planning’ enables us to bring clarity to what can often be a complex process.

Our teams have advised on hundreds of planning applications and development projects across Scotland. Each case is unique, requiring detailed stakeholder knowledge, and careful consideration and understanding of perceptions and objections.


We can help you connect with a community and deliver effective, targeted communications strategies, and provide detailed understanding of views and perceptions of stakeholders across significant scale. Digital communications can enable you to reach more people and can be a highly effective way of empowering a community. We have developed a suite of digital communication tools – Built to Engage – that target the right audience and engage them in a way that motivates their feedback.

Our expert knowledge and connections in local political, media, and community contexts alongside integrated public affairs, PR and social media strategies enables us to create tailored communications strategies that are relevant and resonant throughout the planning process, and designed to mitigate risk.


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